[ Chosungah22 ] Coloring Ampoule 3g

[ Chosungah22 ] Coloring Ampoule 3g, Korean, 化妝品 , Chosungah22, CHO_CCF_C032108004567, , koreanmall

Give your eye looks an upgrade with this creamy, pigment-rich liquid shadow.

  • 2.Skin Type : All skin type
  • 3.Effect : Time short or simply seeking a fuss-free hint of tint? Adorn your lids with a sweep of colour and instantly elevate your eye game. This waterproof formulation clings onto the skin and holds for all day wear free from creasing, caking or smudging.
  • 4.Volume : 3g
  • 5.Country of manufacture : Korea




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    [ Chosungah22 ] Coloring Ampoule 3g


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